The Trip

LA River Kayaks provides kayaks for those wanting to explore the Los Angeles River near downtown in the Elysian Valley. We offer two different kinds of trips:

  1. Our Standard Trip
  2. Our Advanced Trip

Standard: The standard trip consists of a 1.1-miles that will take 45 minutes – 1 hour to complete.

Experienced: The experienced trip consists of a 2.5-miles that will take 2 hours to complete.

Both trips are considered to be a workout so be be prepared for that – you have to be in good shape and able to get in and out of a kayak without difficulty. We provide life jackets, helmets and paddles. You should wear closed-toe shoes and clothes that can get wet. If you are bringing a camera, phone or other valuables make sure you have a waterproof bag.

There are trip times throughout the day on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the summer. Please let us know via email ( the time you want to go or go to our Eventbrite page to reserve:

Elysian Valley 

Much more info on the trip and river at:

Please take a look at the MRCA google map/trail guide before you go:

You kayak at your own risk. Print out the waiver and liability form, sign and bring with you.

A 24-hour advanced notice is required for refunds.

Ride on!


MRCA Kayak Liability Form


3 thoughts on “The Trip

  1. Is there any way to hire a professional to take a group or several people on different kayaks? We have game family members who’d love the trip, but aren’t efficient enough to kayak on their own?
    reply to

  2. Hi,
    A group of us are interested in kayaking next weekend : July 26 or 27th. Are you guys renting in lieu of the oil spill?

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