About Us

The beginnings of LA River Kayaks started in 2007 with a satirical video about “George” who after being stuck in LA traffic decides to get out his kayak and take the LA river to work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ro__HhM_3I. the video was created by LA River co-founder and public health specialist Dr. Jeffrey Tipton. At that time the “LA river” was considered a flood channel.

Through a joint effort Dr. Tipton along with community activists gathered to navigate the entire “flood channel” as way to prove to the governing body, The US Army Corps of Engineers, that the LA flood channel was in fact a river and should be afforded the protection and resources afforded all public waterways. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W04k2G8zrR8.

After numerous years of red tape and political activism a section of the river at the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife preserve was opened for recreational use in the summer of 2012: map

In the summer of 2013 another section of the LA River was opened for recreational use and kayaking tours were permitted- which quickly sold out. LA River Kayaks was established this same year to maintain public access to the river by offering kayak trips to individuals and groups that wanted to explore the 2-1/2 mile section of the LA River in the Elysian Valley known as Glendale Narrows: map

We are pleased to say that nearly 100 people rented from us in our opening season and safely and successfully navigated the somewhat challenging stretch of river to their joy and satisfaction.

Through public support we can continue to accomplish our mission of increasing public awareness and engagement in the LA River recreation zone. Your purchase directly supports LA River maintenance and wildlife protection through the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority and helps employ at risk youth.

Why Explore With Us

Since launching LA River Kayaks in 2008 we have introduced 8,000+ people to LA River and all it has to offer.

We provide you everything needed for a safe and enjoyable kayaking experience down the LA River. Helmets, vests, paddles, helmets, water proof bag for any additional accessories, state of the art kayaks, one on one instructions, some history about the river and whole lot of fun.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Can a person bring their own kayak to the river and pay your fee to support this awesome program?

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